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Assisted Living

Many of our community members at Alpha Assisted Living require some degree of health and well-being monitoring. Our facility provides complimentary and customized services for all our residents. By catering to the personal needs of each resident, we go just one step further to make everyone feel like they’re truly at home at Alpha Assisted Living.

Medication Monitoring  + Nutritional Needs

Alpha Assisted Living provides the support that clients and their families require, including medication monitoring and nutritional and dietary services. We provide and monitor our residents medication to make sure that they are staying happy and healthy. We also provide balanced meals and snacks custom to your dietary needs and likes. It’s just one of the things that sets our assisted living facility apart from the rest. We take away the stress and worry that meal time and taking medication can bring.

Opportunities to Socialize

Our home gives our residents the chance to get much needed interaction with others. Human interaction is a key factor and is incredibly necessary for human development. Residents have the opportunity to enjoy the company of others (including fellow residents and/or staff). Our home also provides amenities (such as your own TV ) to keep everyone entertained and happy.


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  • 2653 14 Ave South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55407 

  • 6400 Nobel Ave North, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, 55429

Number: 763-400-1297 or 612-354-3024

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Number: 763-400-1297 or 612-354-3024